How To Use Keyboard Shortcuts For Gmail Account

Emails have become the necessary part of an individual and without this it is impossible to carry a business. Luckily, Gmail provides a series of keyboard shortcuts for making email work speedy. Now you don’t have to use your mouse for every little work because with the help of keyboard shortcuts you can manage your email account rightly.
Note: Simply make sure that before testing out these Gmail shortcuts, you need to enable them in your Gmail settings.

Turn On Keyboard Shortcuts

Some Gmail keyboard shortcuts will only work after turning them on

  • First of all, you need to open your Gmail account.
  • Now, in the top right, simply click Settings.
  • After that hit Settings.
  • Afterwards, you need to scroll down to the "Keyboard shortcuts" section.
  • And you need to choose Keyboard shortcuts on.
  • Finally, hit Save Changes.

These Are Some Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail Account

  • C- The particular key will help you in opening a new compose window. Shift U- While reading an email, you need to click Shift and after that U, this manner your emails will be marked as unread in your account.
  • D- The particular key will open up a new compose in a new tab on the computer system screen.
  • G then D- If you will hit both the keys at the same time, then on your inbox email the screen will display the entire drafts emails which you have saved earlier in the Drafts folder.
  • G then S- By hitting the particular keys, inbox view will show all starred emails in your Starred folder.
  • N and P- When you are categorizing through a conversation, you can use the keys for moving your conversation up and down. In addition, for expanding certain conversations, simply hit enter.
  • # (or Shift 3)-You can hit # for moving an email to the trash folder. For using # needs you to hit Shift first.

In order to collect more information regarding these shortcuts, you can dial Gmail Customer Service Phone Number. The company’s primary motive is to proffer the utmost online reliable support solutions in a professional manner.